Konnect BPO

Inquiry Handling

All the inquiries of customers are handled appropriately and precise information about the product and service is given to them.

Staff at Konnect BPO is trained to handle customer inquiries suitably and professionally to provide required information to our client’s customers on all products and services. It is mandatory for the staff to familiarize on all products and services offered by our clients.

Customers are likely to make inquiries on Products or services right before a possible purchase and there can be multiple reasons for these inquiries to arise. However; uncertainty is definitely one of them.

Potential customers in most cases first do their research online, through known contacts, reading about product reviews etc. Therefore, as a globally recognized inquiry handling service provider we train our staff to understand the real need of the customers and to be at their service to give them what they want.

These customers want precise information and it is our staff’s responsibility to be prepared to give them answers to what they seek for. They are trained to manage similar situations to provide the right answer, right information at the right time to guarantee that the customer will purchase the product or service. On the other hand our staff is trained with the awareness that failing to provide what the customer seeks for will eventually lead to a loss of a potential sale. 

Having said that we believe that inquiry handling is a key aspect in closing a sale and today as a lot of companies have understood its benefits they invest in outsourcing this service to reputable business process outsourcing companies.

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