Konnect BPO

Inquiry Handling

All the inquiries of customers are handled appropriately and precise information about the product and service is given to them.

Before buying a product or agreeing to purchase a service, a customer usually checks everything that is offered on the website. He or she would read through the information given to see and learn if this is something that he or she would like to have.The description would allow the customer to gauge if this is the kind of thing that they like or if it is something that should be worth their money. You would definitely want to get value for your money if you were a customer. However, there are some pieces of information that a customer is not able to get from the website.

In that case, he or she would try and contact the company offering the product or the service to get the answer. This is one of the most basic functions that a call center should be able to do well: Handling inquiries. To be able to manage expectations by providing the right answers would mean having a huge chance that that customer would then take the next step and purchase the product or the service that you have.

However, if you are unable to take a call well, you can be sure that the customer would move on to another site that offers the same product or service or at least something similar to it. This is the very reason why a lot of businesses are investing in good contact centers that have the best agents at inquiry handling and customer handling.

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