Konnect BPO

Answering Services

This is a live telephone answering service that combines all of your business communications with virtual receptionists so your customers can be wowed 24 hours a day

Phone answering services are the in-demand service among live answering services in the call center sector of the business process outsourcing industry.If you want an answer to automated interactive voice response system and instead have a live phone answering service, then phone answering services is the best bet for you.

How does a phone answering service work?

A phone answering service works in a way where it replaces the automated voice message or IVR system. Instead it relies on a live operator to answer the call at any time of the day. For a phone answering service to work, the operators must be trained in answering the calls of the customers who are otherwise used to automated answering services. A phone answering service reduces the turnaround time for a call to be put through and eliminates the automated part of it, making it much more personal and responsive to the customer’s needs.

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