Konnect BPO

HR Outsourcing

HR BPO Services provide organizations the ability to outsource the administrative aspects of HR to focus more on the strategic axis and core businesses that helps to achieve company goals.

As one of the leading HR outsourcing companies Konnect BPO offers all-inclusive support services that helps clients in various HR functions. Since HR is one of the important functions it is important for companies to partner with reliable service providers. 

It is advantageous for companies to focus on relying on HR outsourcing services because it’s important for organizations to absorb the cream of the skilled candidates in the industry. As a result of the constant fluctuations in job profiles the recruitment needs have become very dynamic and HR teams should be prepared to focus on value additions. 

We offer human resources outsourcing services in the following areas.

Manpower Solutions

In order to optimize productivity and drive revenue growth in the organization we offer manpower solutions despite the constant evolving nature in the global market.

Background Verfication

Even though reference checks are time consuming it is a crucial point in recruitment. Process involves contacting applicants’ former employers, supervisors, coworkers and educators in order to verify past employment information and to understand about the employees’ skills and knowledge, discipline and character.

Payroll Processing

We offer clients with other human resource needs such as payroll services, worker compensation tracking, consolidation of invoices, insurance premium payments etc.

E2E HR Services

Our HR support team is trained to provide guidance to clients on aspects related to HR. The E2E HR support team is dedicated to create a strong collaborative partnership with clients to provide solutions including both live and online support.