Konnect BPO

Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty is all about creating a connection with your customers.

Loyalty programs are designed to maintain long lasting connections with customers by offering them rewards for being a strong contributor to the organizations success. 

We are recognized as a loyalty program Management Company services as we are prepared to go that extra mile to reward customers to become a sponsor by default. 

Our customer loyalty program management provides all the necessary key insights for promotions, subscription renewal and reward points resulting organizations to manage their revenues through a loyal list of customers.

As an add-on service we also provide a list of potential customers that meet our client’s requirements which we are able to obtain information through our B2B database cleansing professionals and are able to send personalized multi-channel messages creating opportunity for them to revert back. 

Our agents are trained to use intelligent technology to avoid disruptions in the customer loyalty management and analytical expertise. We communicate via various social communication channels, including phone, emails, and SMS to create brand awareness amongst their values customers. 

As a globally recognized organization Konnect BPO follows strict compliance and adheres to industry accepted practices and gnomes. As a consequence of collaboration we transparently share our loyalty customer filtering system with our clients following the below steps; 

01. Request input

We collaborate to precisely understand our client’s requirements to support to identify the loyal customers suited for multi-channel communication. 

02. Update database

We guarantee an updated, cleansed database with updated information to support plan contract strategies. 

03. Custom communication

We are capable to customize communications based on the offers, service upgrade options, and other propositions that can improve engagement in your customer base. 

04. Report

Finally we measure what we offer and plan for future. Therefore we are bound to share market reports and adequate insights with our clients.

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