Konnect BPO

Customer Retention

We help you to retain an old customer who is almost 8 times cheaper than getting a new customer , so it makes financial sense to retain the old customers as not only do they add to the profits through direct purchase, they also get in new customers through word-of-mouth publicity.

Customer retention service is the most cost effective method for organizations to generate more revenue. It is said that retaining your existing customers is 8 times cheaper than finding new ones. They are the strongest revenue generators and also at times the best ambassadors to speak about your products or services.

Our outbound customer retention services provide contacting customers via email, telephone calls at different points of selling such as; 

  • Cross selling
  • After a sale / purchase is completed
  • After the customer discontinues with us
  • Upon launch of new product / service
  • Solicit period feedback

Our customer retention agents are at the service of our clients to ensure to provide a good service to their customers in order to strengthen the relationship. They are trained to be professional and polite as it is crucial to offer this service right as upselling and resolving complaints are the foundation that will enable organizations to retain a loyal customer base. It is believed that the retained customers are the ones who will be the revenue generators for any organization and also the ones who bring in an organic growth. 

Therefore, at Konnect BPO we understand that retaining the existing customers on behalf of our clients is vital and we are well equipped to handle this service correctly.

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