Konnect BPO

Pro Agent

We will assign an agent who will be authorized to act on behalf of another person and the relevant person will be an expert in the specialized field.

Call center agents are professionally trained to sound courteous, warm, friendly, and enthusiastic on every single call. The agents undergo months of rigorous training and are assisted with scripting tools, cube wall reminders, and different other strategies so that they perfect the process and precisely understand what to do on each call. Moreover, calls are monitored to ensure that the agents handle calls with perfection, because there’s a lot at stake – client dissatisfaction, penalties, legal liabilities, etc., if things go haywire. Despite all that, graveyard shifts, long working hours, and monotonous customer queries can take a toll on agents; after all, each one of us has bad days!

What if you find an agent who is emotionally sensitive, warm and friendly, accent-free, 24X7 efficient, multi-lingual, and consistently handles each call customer call with utmost precision and never has a bad day? Sounds too good to be true, right? Not really, as Konnect BPO’s Pro-Agent is just that, and more! Our Pro-Agent calling services are unlike any other call center offerings you may know. This innovative technology allows live agents to call your prospects or answer client calls using a pre-recorded assisted dialogue which sounds like a natural conversation.

Different components of automatic scripts are pre-recorded in a friendly and professional human voice, free of any accent or diction issues. These scripts can be recorded in any global language. So, when a customer calls, our technology-assisted Pro-Agents leverage a simple UI to speak using a pre-recorded audio, simulating a natural sounding conversation with great precision and speed without being robotic.

Agents are trained in Pre-defined keys proficiency, and single & double-digit keystrokes to invoke audio files, navigate the call flow, stop and replay pre-recorded audio, and decide which recording customer listens to. It’s rare for customers to differentiate between agents and audio files, but, in case they do, agents are trained to inform customers that a live agent is always there, and the technology is being used to ensure better accuracy. Additionally, agents can join in their own voice or bring in a supervisor at any point on the call, if requested.

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