Konnect BPO


We offer a unique call center debt collection service in Sri Lanka by saving you time and money by reminding customer dues & offer peace of mind through our reliability

We are specialized in what we do and one of the main reasons for the existence of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies are to allow organizations to focus on their core functions whilst we take care of the rest. 

Recoveries are one such non-value adding yet crucial services for an organization. We at Konnect BPO are experts in offering debt collection services for our clients and we proudly take ownership to collect their debts on time, we also practice a reminder system that reminds our client’s customers on their dues and over dues. 

Many factors impact on-time payments. It can be external factors such as economic downfalls, natural disasters that put financial pressure on customers leading to increasing in over dues. As a result the payments are delayed (purposely or not) to balance their finances creating a pile of outstanding bills. In order to manage such instances it is important to have a third party involved to do timely recoveries to retrieve dues. 

This can be an unnecessary burden for organizations to have debt recovery services in housed. Hence, many organizations seek support from debt Recovery Companies such as Konnect BPO help increase business efficiency by ensuring complete AR collection and to reduce the burden of bad debts and increase cash flow.

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