Konnect BPO

Lead Generation

We help you attract and convert strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service.

Outbound lead generation is not an easy strategy because it is often exploited by deceptive marketers. This is where we come in. Our expertise in outbound lead generation services can immensely benefit your business both time and cost wise. Our outbound lead generation services include the following 

1. Exploring Opportunity

Armed with high-quality marketing intelligence we will navigate unexplored markets with scattered opportunity. Our lead generation agents will look for leads by attending trade shows, business events, and running a targeted campaign. Once we identify the leads matching your sales preference, we will use our marketing engine to launch multichannel marketing promotions.

2. Telemarketing, Email Marketing, & Social Media Marketing

We will initiate conversations with the potential audience through cold calling and cold emails. The message will be targeted at audiences that are analytically determined to meet your sales criteria. We will drive brand awareness by urging them to consider your products or services. We will show your brand in the best light to help your leads make a buying decision.

3. Campaign Management & Tracking

We will use proprietary campaign management tools to plan, execute, track, and run the analysis for fast and efficient outbound lead generation. We can run the targeted marketing campaigns from your CRM and track the response from each channel using trackers.

4. Lead Database

The leads who respond to the marketing campaigns are segmented into groups that are ready to receive the next wave of marketing messages. This database is further cleansed and prepared in the format you prefer. Our lead database will include contact details of B2B leads along with the preferred method of contact and professional information that is kept confidential

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