Konnect BPO

Lead Generation

We help you attract and convert strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service.

Lead generation is a service provided to attract strangers and to convert them to prospective customers to buy your products or services. We narrow it down to those who have indicated interests related to what you offer. 

Konnect BPO is once such outsourced lead generation company operating globally. 

Outbound lead generation is one of the most commonly used marketing tactics. However, if differentiated and used for the right purpose it can come in handy. As a lead generation agency, our expertise can help you in saving both time and cost

We offer an array of services such as; 

1. Exploring opportunity

Our staff is skilled to navigate through mature, explored and unexplored markets by using different mechanisms and market intelligence to explore opportunities for our clients. They are trained to search for leads via different channels such as attending trade shows, organizing campaigns for their target markets, business events etc. 

Once the leads are identified then our experts will launch the multi-channel promotions to catch the attention of the prospective customers.

2. Telemarketing, Email Marketing, & Social Media Marketing

Our staff is trained to analytically determine the potential customers based on our clients requirements. They will then make contact via cold calling, cold emails or send messages directly addressing the potential audience to capture their attention. 

In addition to primary communication our teams will follow up routinely to ensure the customers make the final purchase by sending pop-up messages, reminders to create more brand awareness. 

3. Campaign management and tracking

Trademarked campaign management tools will be used by our teams to plan, execute, track and run analysis for efficient out bound lead generation.
With the support of the CRM tools we are able to conduct target marketing campaigns and further use trackers to track responses and feedback from each marketing channel to determine the effectivity of the campaigns. We take responsibility to monitor what we do.

4. Lead Database

We are resourced with a large database of information on respondents to our campaigns, promotions, newsletters etc. it is then further segregated based on many different criteria centered on client requirements and would be used for next waves of communication. 

We ensure to filter and prepare this information into different formats based on the client’s needs and will also use it as a Masterfile for all our B2B leads along with their details and preferred methods of contact. It is compulsory for our staff to guarantee the confidentiality of the database.

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