Konnect BPO

B2B Appointment Setting Services

B2B appointment setting is a sales development activity that involves specialized reps cold calling and following up with top-of-funnel leads, in order to schedule sales meetings for a closing sales rep who will deliver a more detailed sales pitch.

B2B appointment setting services is basically scheduling business appointments via cold calling or following up with top-of-funnel leads on behalf of the clients. The main responsibility of the call center agent is to set up appointments for the sales representatives to pitch the sale and close the deal.

A common mistake made by many organizations today is that they keep non-value added services such as B2B appointment setting services under their roof. In order to support organizations to better optimize their resources Konnect BPO acts as an appointment setting call center.

We provide you with outsourcing services of order processing, help desk, technical support, customer services, chat support and many more secondary services. 

Our team at Konnect BPO is trained to handle various situations with customers such as objections, rejections, and importantly negative comments or feedback from consumers during cold calls. They are trained to handle calls professionally and patiently. As a globally recognized organization we also ensure that our staff is well taken care of as it is very important for them to work with a clear peace of mind.

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