Konnect BPO

Product Information Request

Our value-added product information request services will help you unlock the true potential of your customer

With this value added services customers are given the opportunity to have access to product information at any given time creating more opportunities to increase revenue. 

Even though closing a sales deal is exciting and feels like an achievement inquiry handling is a tedious task. In many instances one of the most common inquiries would be product and service information requests made by potential customers. They seek for clarity, precision in information they require and accuracy. These inquiry calls usually take up 1 min – 10 min or even more and is quite inefficient from an organization point of view. Therefore these services are best outsourced to allow the organizations to focus on more value adding activities.

Our call center agents are thoroughly trained to handle inquiries, to be patient and professional with the customers. It’s compulsory for them to do a comprehensive study on the products and service information to provide the accurate answers. Our product support services teams follow systematized processes to guarantee efficiency and good service to ensure customer satisfaction.

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