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Background Verification

Even though reference checks are time consuming it is a crucial point in recruitment. Process involves contacting applicants’ former employers, supervisors, coworkers and educators in order to verify past employment information and to understand about the employees’ skills and knowledge, discipline and character.

What is BGV?

BGV stands for “Background verification” and is the process of verifying the past employment records of potential candidates to ensure that the information shared is credible and accurate. This is a crucial aspect in the recruitment process and is currently followed across industries.

Why BGV Is Important under BPO Industry?

Even though the world is grandly connected and is constantly evolving there has been a tremendous increase in falsified credentials such as educational certificates, employment records etc. locally and globally in the recent past. Therefore, the expectation of a background check is to verify credentials provided by employees to avoid unpleasant encounters of recruiting frauds

Background verification services usually is a common step followed during recruitment and is vital for BPO service providers to take responsibility to cross verify documents shared by the potential employees during the screening process. The document check list should basically include proof of address of the potential employee, educational degrees, medical information etc.

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