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Social Media Customer Services

Social media customer service is the practice of providing consumer support through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to meet customers where they are and quickly answer questions

Customer support services and inquiry handling done via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter is basically known as social media customer service. It supports customers to obtain information across all channels at any time. 

As a result of evolution and globalization social media today is a key pillar in the digital world. Online communication therefore is taking different turns such example can be inquiries have moved from private to anonymous to oftentimes public. These radical changes in customer behavior have impacted customer expectations and as result have impacted organizations to relook at customer service. 

Due to the changes that’s taking place globally, outsourcing social media services have become utmost important because organizations such as Konnect BPO is equipped to support the radical changes happening in the business dimension as we speak.  

With the changes in lifestyles customers find it convenient to communicate via different social media channels. Therefore it is important to understand customer requirements to ensure that organizations are available in the right social media channels. 

Konnect BPO provides outsourced social media management offering promising and long-lasting services to customers on behalf of their clients. We collaborate with our clients to understand their requirements, their business model and their advertising and brand management plans to offer customized services. 

We strongly believe that it is important to have eyes and ears open to the latest trends in the market. Therefore we monitor changes in customer behavior, expectation on behalf of our clients to understand what they want and then take necessary actions to give what they want.

Our teams are trained to be professional at all times and we specialize in providing customized support to our clients and we offer following amongst many others;

  • Community Management
  • Schedule and publish relevant posts on all social media portals
  • Monitor and respond to user comments and queries
  • Collaborate and sort out issues with customer service representatives
  • Listen to the feedback and look for possible solutions
  • Track important social media metrics and trends
  • Provide weekly/monthly reports of interactions on social media
  • Content Creation
  • Write new and trendy content for posting on all social media handles
  • Find and create images and videos for social media sharing
  • Write content to convey message in 140 characters (twitter feeds)
  • Collect information from different departments about services
  • Social Media Strategy Planning
  • Design and plan social media strategies with company initiatives
  • Collect and utilize data to inform and revise the engagement strategies
  • Collaborate with the content strategist to create new content
  • Check with the legal department for compliance of posts
  • Grow targeted networks on all different social media channels
  • Social Media Research
  • Research on the latest trending topics and posts
  • Research complex and escalated situations and their solutions
  • Research on new tools and technologies and ways to make services better
  • Relationship Building
  • Respond to customer queries and build good relations
  • Develop, nurture, and maintain relationships with clients
  • Understand different cultures and serve customers accordingly
  • Build company brand image through friendly interactions

Since we are strong believers in collaboration and transparency all solutions we provide to our clients are done with the consent of them.

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