Konnect BPO

Customer Support

“A Customer is always right” is an age old phrase and it takes effort and patience to ensure to satisfy customers. Therefore, keeping this service in-house can be a daunting and oftentimes considered a non-value adding activity as it can be outsourced today to experts. It supports organizations to focus their core business functions that can bring in more revenue growth. 

Konnect BPO offers customer support service outsourcing solutions that address the current issues in hand. Our teams offer customized services. 

We are professionals in the industry and provide support services that directly address the issues at hand. We offer customized services based on our clients requirements and some of the services we offer are inquiry handling, technical support, telephone answering, customer surveys and also medical answering services.

Social Media Customer Services

Customer support services and inquiry handling done via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter is basically known as social media customer service. It supports customers to obtain information across all channels at any time.

Chat Support Services

Chat support services increase engagement in websites and allow visitors to make inquiries, gather information of products and services and also enable clients to have prospective leads.

Email Support Services

Email inquiries are common ways of inquiring and a time consuming task. These Outsourcing email supports services helps organizations to revert to their customers with a much better turnaround time. It also helps organizations to focus on the core competencies.